Building Workplaces of the Future- Top HR Trends Series.

Tremendous forces are changing the world of work as we know it. Increased Customer demands, increased Talent demands, compounded with shrinking margins, disruptions caused by Technology, new customers from unknown and unsuspected quarters, have all created a world that is uncertain, volatile and unpredictable. Past knowledge is increasingly not relevant for the future, which now calls for creating Agile workplaces where people can process information differently, adapt, and make decisions on the Fly. Needless to say, HR / Talent / Learning Professionals will need to shift gears quickly to ensure Workplaces are more adaptable, less rigid, and more reflective of the needs of our times.  The Knowledge Economy demands new thinking and People solutions ousting the Industrial Era HR thinking and solutions that we have stretched for so long as a community.

Here is Top Trend 1 - to be noted by Human Resources, Talent Managers and Learning professionals, as they prepare their Organizations to become the Workplaces of the Future.

1. Digital radically Disrupts HR Technology including social media, gamification, cloud, mobile, big data and consumer applications which are fast transforming how people carry out their work. Therefore, HR professionals who support people at work need to integrate technology solutions in the services offered to people at Work. 

To build an Agile workplace, HR processes and services will need to be scalable, quicker and more user-friendly. Enforcing mandatory transactions through Government office-like windows and using hospital-like forms for Employee transactions will not be appealing or acceptable to the Generation used to engaging with attractive social media platforms and User Interfaces. 

Not surprisingly the predictions show 67% of the total Technology spends over the next 10 years will be in the space of HR technology.

Offline processes, cumbersome Performance Review forms and long drawn meaningless processes will not be endured by the Millennials workforce who will invariably be in the majority across talent pools and industries. We already see a move to offer seamless HR services using cloud solutions that has gained popularity. Software as a Service that enables Best Practices solutions along the HR Value Chain have begun to gain momentum as contemporary technology solutions to provide a similar HR experience across teams, departments and businesses.

Using Technology for HR transactions, building robust HRIS backends that enable Data Management and lend themselves to meaningful Talent analytics, which in turn enable informed Talent decisions -are all part of what Workplaces of the Future will constitute. Collaborative Learning platforms, enabling the freedom for Anytime, Anywhere Learning at the choice of the Learner and adapting solutions for managing both Performance and Engagement through Technology are slowly becoming hallmarks of new-age Technology-Savvy Organizations. Technology enables HR to manage the “HR Experience’’ simultaneously across geographies, enables Knowledge Management to capture tacit knowledge, enables information to manage Employee Experiences and most of all gets the Organization to use Analytics to make informed Talent Decisions. The entire HR value chain delivery has the potential to be revolutionized by Technology. Technology is undoubtedly the Number One positive disruption that helps build Workplaces of the Future! 

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