Learning 2.0

Learning 2.0

That the Millennials learn differently is a well-known fact- so is the disenchantment with the 8 hour Instructor-Led classroom. Even as we glorify the usage of Technology for Learning and celebrate the many Self-directed Learning options the adoption numbers will show you that this is not always the most popular, the most efficient or even the most appropriate Learning mode for many! 

What works lie between the 8 Hour Classroom and the stimulation of the UI UX that we so crave for with Technology and Audio-visual content.

Learning using alternate pedagogies has been an area of experimentation for a while now and the limited wisdom on this is that it can range from esoteric to frivolous- and may not deliver on a serious Learning Agenda?!

Learning 2.0 is here to Bust this Myth and to reiterate that in this very volatile uncertain business times, Learning itself must be Agile, Learning itself must Re-invent, Learning must go beyond developing Skills/Processes and Competencies to influence Mental models, challenge closely held Values, Beliefs and Assumptions- because therein lies true Change and Leadership Development.

Learning 2.0 is -

NOT ONLY for HR/Learning/OD Professionals- its a Leadership Development conference offering new-age insights through new-age pedagogies

NOT just a FUN FESTIVAL- its Meaningful, Thought-Provoking fun through Music, Dance, Theater, Literature …..

NOT ONLY to promote Learning in different modes- but indeed an acknowledgement of our times, that HR/Learning/OD Professionals understand the demand for Strategic contributions and are preparing to create contemporary Millennial-friendly cultures that have more dialogues, discussions and debates. Celebrate Employee voice and together create workplaces that can be soul enriching and compassionate while achieving the pinnacle of Business success.

Learning 2.0 has a vibrant Agenda which include the D&I Lab, a Musical, Leadership insights from Jazz, Premiere of a new play- Shava Shava we are from Gurgava (explore Conscious and Unconscious Biases), Dance Therapy, Collaboration through World Music, Leadership Lessons from World Literature and the Multigenerations Lab.

There are Keynote addresses and Panels featuring Industry Icons following some of these sessions - but the discourse at all times will be focused on Reflecting for changing the Lens, developing empathy and augmenting Leadership.The other highlight of this innovative Conference is the Innovative Learning Huddle. 

Its time to hit the Refresh button on Learning!!!

Nominate your Teams in large numbers, nominate your CXO Team members and often Leaders and lets make Learning 2.0 the Blockbuster Conference it deserves to become!!

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