Design Thinking & Innovation

Design Thinking is an outcome-driven problem-solving approach that emphasizes creative thought and human-centered thinking with the intent of developing the best possible solution and beneficial outcomes. Using the proven methodology, Capstone can enable counter intuitive solutions to trying problems.

Our Services

  1. We enable ideas to turn into valuable actions

    We transform “strategy as data analytics” to “strategy as design,” using the design thinking framework. It helps leadership team reframe the future strategy as a convincing story based on a strong line of reasoning.

  2. We leverage People, their Passion to Win and Create

    We help leaders set up an environment and build the skills that channel design is thinking across all levels of the organization to come with breakthrough thinking to improve (or create new) products, services, processes, that is aligned with the client’s business goals.

  3. Co-creating and co-designing with the client

    We are dedicated to a philosophy of co-create, which means both that we involve the cross-functional stakeholders in the organization to design the change, and put to use a well-developed toolkit that supports group thinking, buy-in, and creativity.

  4. Design Thinking Solutions drive Organization-wide Innovation

    We have decoded Design’s problem-solving toolkit to work on Challenging problems that businesses face today. Capstone understands the business need helps bring the appropriate design tools and techniques, giving a fresh perspective to reframe the problem and co-design the solution, taking it from an innovative method to a rigorous discipline that impacts corporate strategy and culture.

  5. Workshops & Training on Design Thinking

    We can curate Design Thinking programs along your Technical/ Functional Value Chain developing the Design Thinking Mindset. Design thinking isn’t just about following a series of steps; it is beyond that. This program focuses on what it means to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and having a bias towards action, how to question assumptions and challenge dated processes in practice, how to reframe problems into opportunities, how to build on others ideas, how to collaborate meaningfully, and how to embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

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