Women Leadership And D&I

Capstone is backed by the seminal work and research of the Women Leadership Forum of Asia (WLFA), that contribute to Women Empowerment and Inclusion within organizations through the powerful 4 Cs model of Courage, Conviction, Competence, Commitment.

Our insights through our work with the Women Leadership Forum of Asia (www.wlfa.in) has enabled us to curate content that addresses layered issues of dilemmas with Power, social conditioning and aspirations, Gender role expectations and other assumptions and beliefs which are at the heart of Women Empowerment and Leadership in India/Asia

Women Leadership Speaker Series 
These are in the form of 90-120 minute sessions that impact 'Mindsets' through Reflection and Learning 

  • The Glass Ceiling is in your Head!
  • From Oppression to Leadership- Redefining Women Power in a Patriarchal Society (Masterclass)
  • Transforming the Stories we tell ourselves as Women- Discussion
  • Soft is the New Hard- The Hidden Power of Women Leadership
  • Do Women imitate Male Behaviours to Survive? The Big Debate
  • How Women Bankroll Change and Fund Their Future
  • Power up! Ways to Build Credibility and Make Yourself Heard!
  • Conscious & Unconscious Biases
  • Gender Sensitization Programs


Measuring Diversity and Inclusion Quotient

The Capstone Organization is committed to helping organizations celebrate Diversity and create Cultures of Inclusion through its proprietary Women Leadership Development and D&I Solutions. Backed by proprietary research and insights, Capstone D&I Offerings are contemporary and robust solutions to create Societies of compassion at work.

The Diversity and Inclusion Calendar includes:

  • The D&I Lab
  • The D&I Survey
  • The D&I Audit
  • The Gen Y Lab
  • The Millennial Audit
  • The D&I Action Planning Workouts
  • Driving Inclusion Quotient
  • Managing 4 Generations at Work


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