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Capstone University is a pioneering venture that seeks to support Client Organizations to drive Change by improving Performance through Learning. Capstone University's Philosophy is based on "Learning that drives Business Results".

Building leadership pipelines through MDPs
In this constantly volatile and changing business environment, one needs to act with Agility and develop a Leadership Pipeline of Agile Leaders who can take on Leadership Positions as opportunities come up. This offering is focused on enabling consistent High Performance and High Potential Talent to be groomed through specially curated Integrated Leadership Development offering (MDPs/Emerging Leaders' Programs).

Enabling Transitions Post Promotions - Transition Management Programs
Capstone University's 24 Signature Offerings are designed to influence both Skill set and Mindset of Junior, Middle, Mid-Senior Level professionals. These are Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive!

Capstone University grooms your talent that will most likely stay to take on Key roles.

Unique Features of Capstone University
Capstone University Learning Solutions are:

  • New Age, Contemporary, Relevant Content
  • Based on Life Skills, Business Skills, and Collaboration Skills
  • Differentiated, Razor-Sharp, and Insight-Focused That Inspire Performance
  • Customizable as per the Learning needs of the Organization and is Inclusive of Functional Training


How does Capstone University Work?

  • By getting Clients to Outsource their Learning to us or Insource our Key Account Manager/s to the Client to deliver Robust Learning Calendar
  • By offering rich, contemporary Learning options at Junior/Mid/Senior levels by TOP NOTCH FACULTY.

Capstone Academies and Centres of Excellence

Capstone is helping clients build Technical/ Functional Academies to build the Technical/ Functional pipelines and develop the Expert Organizations. Enabling our Clients to maintain continuous Learning and Excellence is the credo of this effort


Access Our Team of Expert Facilitators having extensive Business Knowledge and compliance know-how and trained in using Blended learning methodologies. Book our World Class Signature Programs for In-House delivery of your Calendar Programs or Outsource your Calendar to us to curate as per your needs. 
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