Capstone Techsmart

Capstone Techsmart is a new age Technology Adoption and Change Management Company and is committed to helping Clients put Technology to work through its proprietary approaches to enable -

  • Project Management
  • Technical Integration
  • Change Management
  • Technology Adoption


Capstone Techsmart has a team of skilled and Certified Consultants who have the experience to drive successful HR technology implementation across platforms and along the HR Life cycle.
Capstone Techsmart Adoption Strategy:

  • Communication
  • Influencing
  • Training
  • Keeping the momentum


Our Proprietary Change Management and Adoptions Solutions
We involve a 360-degree approach to ensure all avenues, platforms and touch points for Learning Transfer and Communication have been considered leading to successful Adoption. This is executed with the right participants at each stage of Project Implementation to ensure adoption. Capstone Techsmart offers services along the HR/Talent value chain and is experienced in offering value added services along sophisticated HCM platform also.

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