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Leadership And Coaching Practice

At the Capstone organization, we believe Leadership Development Solutions must be contextually relevant, theoretically robust and...Read More

Women Leadership And D&I

Capstone is backed by the seminal work and research of the Women Leadership Forum of Asia...Read More

Capstone University

Capstone University is a pioneering venture that seeks to support Client Organizations to drive Change by...Read More

Capstone Techsmart

Capstone Techsmart is a new age Technology Adoption and Change Management Company and is committed to...Read More

Capstone Talentsmart

Capstone brings in cutting edge Talent Management tools & techniques to lead the "Workforce of One"...Read More

Capstone InnovLearn

That the humanities have been largely ignored in Management Literature is a fact - depriving Managers...Read More

Design Thinking & Innovation Practice

Enabling Complex Problem Solving And Business Innovation Through Design Thinking Design Thinking is an outcome-driven problem-solving approach that emphasizes creative thought and human-centered thinking with the intent of developing the best possible solution and beneficial outcomes. Using the proven methodology, Capstone can enable counter intuitive solutions to trying problems.

..Read More

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