Capstone Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a necessary augmentation to Effective Leadership Development and is often seen as more Powerful than Instituted Training, as it offers a platform for Meaning making and Insights for Personal Transformation.

The Seminal Capstone 90-Minutes-To-Insight Coaching Methodology enables the Coachee to draw more from their Development Journey by guaranteeing Insight(s) for Transformation within 90 minutes that the participants can articulate themselves.

Capstone has a Panel of Certified Coaches who can deliver key Insights using the Powerful 90- Minutes-To-Insight Methodology. 360° Feedback Coaching, Psychometric based Coaching (MHS EQi, FIRO B) Career Conversations, Development Conversations and Coaching that enables Leadership Development journeys are where our 90 Minutes to Insight technique creates Impact through delivering Insights for Change...

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